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So you want to work in the music industry…

I have always wanted to work in the music industry. As a high school student living in the suburbs of Philadelphia and choosing to go to school in the middle-of-no-where, Indiana I thought my resources and opportunities were rather limited. This, however, has not turned out to be the case. Of course it helps to be a Music Business Major and go to school in a big city such as NYC or LA, but I have managed to break my way into the music industry without this background. My biggest resources? My university and the internet.

Put yourself out there and network. Go to any networking nights your school may hold that have to do with the entertainment business. Introduce yourself to the professionals present and ask questions.

Get involved on campus. Many students take the opportunities available on their own campus for granted or are simply uninformed on the tremendous amount of opportunities that exist. Volunteering at the university’s auditorium, holding a position on the student union board, and joining relevant clubs are just a few activities that will make you stand out to professionals in the music industry and will make you successful.

Start small and local. Do not expect to be interning at Sony Music the summer of your freshman year. Look for internships at local and even college radio stations that play the music genre of your choice. If you do not like working for free and are looking to make a little money search for a paying job at a local record store or musical instrument store.

Stay motivated and determined. Follow music blogs or create your own blog. Whether it is reviewing new artists and albums or just talking about your favorite music this is a great way to introduce new music to friends and gain some basic knowledge in A&R. Keep yourself updated on industry news by subscribing to sites such as Billboard or Hypebot.

Never give up and always do your research. Listed are some great sites that provide information on how to get started in the Music Industry along with websites that provide relevant internship opportunities. There are many other sites that provide loads of helpful information. These are some I have used myself:


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