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With Us Wednesday: Amy Faden


This week on With Us Wednesday, we are reintroducing you to Amy Faden!

Native Philadelphian Amy Faden’s career began at the age of fifteen, but she got her start singing her sister to sleep for fifty cents a performance. Now twenty-one, Amy is on the verge of breaking out in big ways.

Her mesmerizing vocals have the ability to silence a room so you can hear a pin drop. Fans of Holly Williams, Willy Mason, Jesse Harris and Jeffrey Gaines experienced this first-hand when she opened for them. Her music, beautiful and honest, evokes raw emotion and has captivated both audiences and the social media world as well.

In March, Amy had her first NACA showcase at the NACA Mid-Atlantic Festival which included her incredible yet unexpected version of “The Thong Song” which the crowd definitely loved. It should be noted that Amy can amuse herself for hours with any camera making the ugliest, goofiest faces and laughing hysterically at how unattractive she looks.

Amy believes that as an artist it is important to follow your heart, keep your family close, and always stay grounded. She is also a true believer that almost anything tastes better with cheese on it.

Listen to Amy’s music here!
“Who We Are” -
Promo Video -

Find out more about Amy!

Several weeks ago Cole, Taylor and Brittany went to Exton, PA to meet The Lovebirds, who we officially welcome to the roster! The show was incredible and they are two fun girls to hang out with too! Definitely check them out at

New Music Monday: The Lovebirds


Today on New Music Monday, we are delighted to introduce The Lovebirds!

The Lovebirds are a folk/pop duo featuring award-winning San Diego songwriters Lindsay White and Veronica May, who just released their third album Breakup Shmakeup. This album full of perfected harmonies and captivating lyrics chronicles the experience of ending their romantic partnership in order to preserve their musical partnership.  This energetic and engaging musical duo come together despite their past in order to keep making music. Their musical talent is often compared to that of The Indigo Girls and Tegan and Sara.  

  • Their songwriting talent has received recognition from the 2014 Kerrville Folk Festival in the New Folk songwriting contest.
  • They have opened for Raining Jane ft. Jason Mraz, Steve Poltz, Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles), Mother Falcon, Bushwalla, Birds of Chicago.
  • Veronica was named one of the top “dapper” people in Dapper Q magazine.
  • Their song“Boat Train” exclusively premiered on

Veronica and Lindsay are two individuals that greet you with a hug and immediately capture you with their magnetic, fiery, hilarious, and caring personalities.  These characteristics come together on stage to create a tornado of sights and sounds which may include short skirts, high heels, bowties, mustaches, percussive guitar, rock ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica, kazoos, stand-up drumkits, and harmonies that won’t quit.

Join the flock, already. Hey Cole definitely has!

Listen to The Lovebirds Here!
“UNI” - 

Find out more about The Lovebirds! 

Fascinating Friday: Dr. Justine Shuey


This week we are changing things up a bit on the Hey Cole blog and introducing you all to our new speaker, Dr. Justine Shuey!

Dr. Shuey is a Board Certified Sexologist & AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator who believes sex is healthy and normal. She has been giving college lectures since 2007 and has worked as a professor since Fall 2010. In the last two years she has given almost 500 sexuality lectures on college campuses in the US & Canada.

Perfect speaker for events such as:

  • Orientation
  • Title IX Training
  • Residential Life Training
  • Leadership Training
  • LGBT Events
  • Pride Week/Coming Out Month
  • Women’s Group Events
  • Greek Lie Events
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Topics Include:

  • Sexual Communication
  • Consent & Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Hook-up Culture/Rape Culture
  • Safer Sex, Contraception and Abstinence
  • Sexual Decision Making
  • Dating and Healthy Relationships
  • Sexual Behaviors,
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Issues & Ally Training

You can expect:

  • Puppets & Props
  • Anonymous Q&A Sessions
  • Audiovisuals, Media & Images
  • Group Icebreakers
  • Interactive Activities & Games
  • Demonstrations
  • Content that appeals to multiple learning styles
  • Language inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities
  • Appropriate content for individuals with all levels of sexual experience
  • Free condoms, lubricants and other goodies

Hailing from the city of brotherly love, Dr. Justine Shuey has always had a passion for human sexuality. Having already completed her Bachelors degree with a minor in Women & Gender Studies, she was accepted to Widener University’s Masters in Human Sexuality Education program. From there she headed to San Francisco to complete a Doctorate in Human Sexuality at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Now Dr. Shuey is currently working towards a second doctorate degree in Human Sexuality from Widener University.

Dr. Shuey creates safe and welcoming environments for college students to explore issues related to human sexuality, expand their knowledge about sexuality, and gain confidence in their sexual expression.

Check out Dr. Shuey’s Speaking:

Find out more about Dr. Shuey here!

#TBT Photo of joannaburns with the interns from the summer of 2011

With Us Wednesday: Revolution, I Love You


To continue with re-introducing our current roster, this week’s With Us Wednesday is Revolution, I Love You!

Revolution, I Love You is a Philadelphia based Lo-fi electro rock band that makes gritty rock n’ roll with drum machines and synthesizers. High school friends Rob Lindgren and Jason Reynolds formed Revolution, I Love You in 2008, and performed as a duo for years before welcoming drummer Jeff Ormsby in 2014.

This unconventional rock trio has decided to fuse live drums onto an already eclectic sound, which Lindgren says, “…will free us up to try a lot of new things. Stranger things, I hope.” Revolution, I Love You culls elements from across the pop spectrum, including gritty indie rock guitars, electronic beats, dramatic choruses, loops, and synthesizers, and uses them to strange and somewhat psychedelic effect.

- They were recognized as the Indie Electronic/Dance Band of the Year at the 2013 Tri State Indie Music Awards.

- They have opened for Grandfather (featured on the TV series Dexter), Pandora’s Bliss. The Quiet Company (featured in TIME magazine), Conspirator (featuring members of Disco Biscuits)

- Were named Philly Artist of the Month Sept 2011 (The Deli Magazine)

- They were also named Best Electro/Experimental Artist 2011 (Tri State Indie)

-Their song “Cotton Shirts” was included in MusicUnderFire’s Top 100 Tracks of 2012.

- They have performed at the following festivals: SteelJams (2012) - Bethlehem, PA, Musikfest (2012) - Bethlehem, PA, Elephants for Autism (2012) - Atlantic City, NJ, Philadelphia Film and Music Festival (2011 and 2010) - Philadelphia, PA

Listen to Revolution, I Love You here!
Promo Video -
“The Atlantic Ocean” -

Find out more about Revolution, I Love You!

With Us Wednesday: Mal Blum


This week’s With Us Wednesday artist is Mal Blum!

Mal Blum, a songwriter and performer based in Brooklyn, NY, began writing music when she was a youngster. Her musical style evolved from the influence of her youth and became tongue-in-cheek songs filled with feelings, travel stories, and anthropomorphic metaphors. Along with these aspects, her music additionally contains elements of folk, punk, and anti-folk genres, which come together to create a unique story telling atmosphere.

Mal released her fourth full-length album Tempest in a Teacup in May of 2013, which was praised by Baeble Music as “refreshing to explore” because of its “simple sincerity.” Along with the success of her music and her graduation from SUNY Purchase College, Mal volunteers at a rock camp for girls during one week out of the year and will talk your ear off about it if you ask her.

Many have praised Mal’s lyrical prowess, and the Brooklyn based independent music magazine Deli Magazine has recognized that, “Like many songwriters of her caliber, Blum’s strength lies in her words.”

- Mal was a CMJ Official Showcasing Artist 2012 & 2013.

- Mal was selected as a Showcase Alternate for NACA Northeast 2014, and has showcased at NACA Northern Plains 2012, Mid Atlantic 2012, and Northeast 2011.

- Her music Video “Ode to Kulele” for was voted #10 Of The Year on MTV’s LOGO’s The Click List.

- Mal’s song “New Year’s Eve” was licensed by Free People.

- She has supported: Melissa Ferrick, Amanda Palmer, Jeffrey Lewis, Bitch, Kimya Dawson, Toshi Reagon and others.

- Mal considers herself a high five champion.

Listen to Mal’s music here!
“Cut it Off” - 
 “Valentine’s Day” -

Find out more about Mal!

Addtionally, Mal is the musical guest on the Chris Gethard show tonight! Check it out at 11 PM at

New Music Monday: Brian Dunne

This week’s New Music Monday introduces our new artist Brian Dunne!

Folk rock singer/songwriter Brian Dunne, raised in the small upstate New York town of Monroe,  has written music with sharp lyrical prowess and country influenced vocals that has won the attention and praise of many. This simplicity and devotion to his craft are what makes Brian’s music so authentic and addicting. Citing influences such as Bob Dylan, The Band, and Bruce Springsteen, one can hear his roots winding through the sound and style of his songwriting and performing.

- Brian’s newest release, “The Brooklyn Bridge EP”, charted on the US iTunes singer/songwriter charts and received praise from John Mayer and many others.

- His Music can be heard in the movie “The Man On Her Mind”

- Brian lives in Brooklyn with his cat, Sid Vicious, who has lived up to the name

- Brian has been playing the guitar and writing songs since the age of six.

Check out Brian’s music here…

California (Rock Me Slow) -

I Don’t Want To Lose You Tonight -

Funny Friday: Joey Barone


Say hello to the hysterical Joey Barone!

Joey grew up in Toledo, Ohio and graduated from the Miami University of Ohio in 2009. After graduating, Joey moved back home and got a job as an on-air personality on the number 1 morning radio show in NW Ohio. Joey can now be found in Los Angeles shooting funny YouTube sketches and impersonating Justin Bieber with his sketch group, Horse Arms Comedy. As an ESL teacher, much of Joey’s comedy reflects his everyday experiences.

- He has opened for iconic comedians such as Damon Wayans, Brian Callen, Demetri Martin, Reggie Watts, Maria Bamford and Todd Glass

- He has performed in the Ann Arbor Comedy Festival and Laffest 2014.

To learn more about Joey visit:

Watch his stand up here!

With Us Wednesday: Kurt Scobie


This week’s With Us Wednesday artist is Kurt Scobie!

Kurt Scobie’s expressive lyrics and percussive piano style have a magnetic effect on his audience. His catchy melodies and familiar yet refreshing lyrics enable listeners to sing along, even after hearing his music for the first time. Kurt feels the most at home when he is on the road and meeting new people. With over 200 performances each year, Kurt travels around the United States delivering unforgettable live-music experiences at colleges and live music venues.

- Has opened for The Civil Wars, Matthew Perryman Jones, Rachel Platten, Caleb Hawley

- Has showcased at every regional NACA conference within the past 2 years and has been selected as a showcase alternate 5 times in the past 3 years

- Has showcased at APCA Northeast twice as well as the National Convention in 2014

- Kurt loves sushi, running long distances and drinking craft beer. Just not at the same time.

Listen to Kurt Here:
“Your Crash” -
“Cue” -

Find out more about Kurt below: