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Meet & Greet Monday: Peggy Sinnott


This week we are excited to introduce a new interview series! Be sure to check back every Monday for fun interviews with the Hey Cole roster! Today we are kicking off the series with Comedian Peggy Sinnott!

1) When did you realize that comedy was the right path for you?
I studied acting in college because I always wanted to perform but there was something about calling myself an “actor” that felt creepy and wrong to me. After college I’d been doing sketch comedy and improv and decided to give stand up a try. After my first show, I felt like I finally found something that I loved and suited my strengths. Calling myself a “comedian” felt right.

2) Why have you never been to Walmart? Are you prepared to go on the adventure of a lifetime with Cole in Covington, Kentucky for your debut Walmart experience?!
Haha, I’m ready! I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area where the local community has banned Walmart, so growing up I never had the opportunity to go into one. Then learning about their policies, the way employees are treated, the human cost of low prices etc., I’ve stayed away on principal.

3) What is your favorite part about performing with your sketch comedy group “Brute Squad?”
Sometimes I eat gross stuff onstage and make audiences scream.

4) Which of your jokes is your favorite to perform?
I have a joke where I pretend to be a CIA agent and yell a lot. I love shouting!

5) What does your family think of your comedy routine?
They really like it. The scariest show I ever did was in front of my grandmother because I had a couple jokes that mentioned sex. My grandma was extremely kind and gracious about the whole experience. She assured me that I wasn’t any worse than Lenny Bruce who she used to watch regularly in San Francisco.

6) Where does your inspiration for jokes come from?
I’m usually inspired to write a joke by something that bothers or upsets me. Often in the process of writing the joke I will calm down and let go of the thing that was once bothering me. #thuglife

7) What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
My next door neighbors smoke a ton of cigarettes and I’m slowly dying of second hand smoke, lol! And the funniest part is, California law protects their rights and not mine because it’s not a non-smoking building LMFAO! My landlord is mildly sympathetic :’-DD!!!! It’s funny because, if I had the money to live in a better environment, I totally would! Hahaahaahah oh man.

8) Who are your top three favorite comedians of all time?
Chris Rock, David Cross, Wanda Sykes

9) What is it like being a woman in the world of comedy?
So far so good! I have yet to feel excluded from anything because I’m a woman. It’s also a very exciting time to be a woman in comedy because there has been so much recent success of female comedians: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, etc. Growing up I frequently heard the phrase “men are funnier than women” but I rarely hear that anymore. I do wonder if it’s more difficult at the top of our industry (like if networks will continue to be less likely to give an equal amount of shows to female comics). I don’t believe I’ve encountered any disadvantages related to gender at this stage in my career.

10) What is something that you couldn’t live without?
HOT SAUCE. I’m not a great cook, but I make things spicy.

11) What is your spirit animal?
A squirrel

12) If you were locked in a mall by yourself, overnight, what would you do?  And what three items would you want to make sure you had with you?
Contemplate American Consumerism. Underwear, Underwear, Underwear. Because you never know!

With Us Wednesday: Kwesi K


This week on With Us Wednesday we are excited to re-introduce you to Kwesi K!

Folk music is what the people sing. Big Mamma Thornton borught us Rock n’ Roll, Sam Cooke helped define soul, and Grandmaster Flash helped lay the foundation of Hip Hop. All of these genres have their roots in American Folk Music, and Alaskan/Ghanian/Ohioan Kwesi K continues the legacy. Based out of Philadlephia, Kwesi K brings a witty, new, soulful sound to the scene.

As soon as his first album Pronouns was released in 2013, Kwesi K began touring the Midwest and Northeast extensively, opening for an array of musicians, and hitting the college circuit. Kwesi K’s latest EP, Lovely, followed his 2013’s successes with an international release, and local acclaim by music outlets.

Kwesi K uses contemporary stylings that pull from diasporas of American heritage. Soulful and simple, Kwesi K draws his listeners in with colorful story lines and a melodic fervor. Kwesi is a true American folk musician celebrating the history of this country’s ancestors and their music.

  • Kwesi was a Showcase Alternate for the 2013 NACA South Conference
  • He was the Grand Prize Winner of Philadelphia Songwriter’s Project in 2012
  • Kwesi’s song “In La” was on ESPN during the 2012 ESPYs

  • Kwesi played the main stage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 2014 as well as at Musikfest in 2012, and 2013

  • Kwesi has opened for Rosanne Cash, Antje Duvekot, Ellis Paul, and Judith Hill from The Voice

Listen to Kwesi K here!
“Great Goodbye” -
“Fold” -

Find out more about Kwesi K!

Funny Friday: Bill Dixon


This week on Funny Friday, we here at Hey Cole are excited to introduce you to a new addition to our comedy roster! Join us in welcoming comedian Bill Dixon! 

Bill Dixon is an LA based actor/comedian who writes and performs things on TV, radio, and stage.

He is a regular contributor for The Internet, appearing in places like Huffington Post, The Second City Network and Restoring Truthiness. Bill’s funny have been featured by Time Magazine, CNN, The TODAY Show, Fox News, Yahoo News, and others.

Bill performs regularly at The Comedy Store, Westside Comedy Theatre, The Laugh Factory and has opened for comedians like Anthony Jeselnik, Damon Wayans, Moshe Kasher, Bil Dwyer, and many more. He was also an Official Selection for The LA Comedy Festival 2013.

He currently is an Associate Producer, Writer and Performer on a new comedy show, “How To Be A Grownup” on TruTV.

Watch Bill’s Standup here!

Find out more about Bill!

Transformation Thursday… from Intern to Junior Agent!

Please help us re-welcome our summer intern Taylor Tobak, who has officially made the transition from Intern to Junior Agent!! We are so excited to have her on board!


With Us Wednesday: Matt Cranstoun

This week on With Us Wednesday we are reintroducing you to Matt Cranstoun!

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Cranstoun is known for the effect he has on an audience using only his words, voice, and guitar. His music is on a spectrum between having a cathartic gospel feeling, to the feeling of taking a quiet and intimate look into the songwriter’s psyche.

Inspired by the roots of folk, and soul, every word expresses as much urgency as the next. Matt connects with audiences through performances that expose his passion, honesty, and affair with both writing and performing. When telling a story through music, he offers sincerity and his voice expresses a powerful relationship to it.

Matt pulls from his inspiration of classic soul and folk, which creates emotionally charged vocals and lyrics that lead the way through the broad spectrum of sound that his music brings.

  • Selected to showcase at 2014 NACA National Convention

  • Showcased at 2013 NACA West Conference

  • Has opened for Gavin DeGraw

  • Growing up, Matt raced semi-pro dirt track go-carts in a small Central New Jersey go-cart league.


Listen to Matt here!
“Rowdy” - 
“Tattoo” -

Find out more about Matt!


With Us Wednesday: Amy Faden


This week on With Us Wednesday, we are reintroducing you to Amy Faden!

Native Philadelphian Amy Faden’s career began at the age of fifteen, but she got her start singing her sister to sleep for fifty cents a performance. Now twenty-one, Amy is on the verge of breaking out in big ways.

Her mesmerizing vocals have the ability to silence a room so you can hear a pin drop. Fans of Holly Williams, Willy Mason, Jesse Harris and Jeffrey Gaines experienced this first-hand when she opened for them. Her music, beautiful and honest, evokes raw emotion and has captivated both audiences and the social media world as well.

In March, Amy had her first NACA showcase at the NACA Mid-Atlantic Festival which included her incredible yet unexpected version of “The Thong Song” which the crowd definitely loved. It should be noted that Amy can amuse herself for hours with any camera making the ugliest, goofiest faces and laughing hysterically at how unattractive she looks.

Amy believes that as an artist it is important to follow your heart, keep your family close, and always stay grounded. She is also a true believer that almost anything tastes better with cheese on it.

Listen to Amy’s music here!
“Who We Are” -
Promo Video -

Find out more about Amy!

Several weeks ago Cole, Taylor and Brittany went to Exton, PA to meet The Lovebirds, who we officially welcome to the roster! The show was incredible and they are two fun girls to hang out with too! Definitely check them out at

New Music Monday: The Lovebirds


Today on New Music Monday, we are delighted to introduce The Lovebirds!

The Lovebirds are a folk/pop duo featuring award-winning San Diego songwriters Lindsay White and Veronica May, who just released their third album Breakup Shmakeup. This album full of perfected harmonies and captivating lyrics chronicles the experience of ending their romantic partnership in order to preserve their musical partnership.  This energetic and engaging musical duo come together despite their past in order to keep making music. Their musical talent is often compared to that of The Indigo Girls and Tegan and Sara.  

  • Their songwriting talent has received recognition from the 2014 Kerrville Folk Festival in the New Folk songwriting contest.
  • They have opened for Raining Jane ft. Jason Mraz, Steve Poltz, Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles), Mother Falcon, Bushwalla, Birds of Chicago.
  • Veronica was named one of the top “dapper” people in Dapper Q magazine.
  • Their song“Boat Train” exclusively premiered on

Veronica and Lindsay are two individuals that greet you with a hug and immediately capture you with their magnetic, fiery, hilarious, and caring personalities.  These characteristics come together on stage to create a tornado of sights and sounds which may include short skirts, high heels, bowties, mustaches, percussive guitar, rock ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica, kazoos, stand-up drumkits, and harmonies that won’t quit.

Join the flock, already. Hey Cole definitely has!

Listen to The Lovebirds Here!
“UNI” - 

Find out more about The Lovebirds! 

Fascinating Friday: Dr. Justine Shuey


This week we are changing things up a bit on the Hey Cole blog and introducing you all to our new speaker, Dr. Justine Shuey!

Dr. Shuey is a Board Certified Sexologist & AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator who believes sex is healthy and normal. She has been giving college lectures since 2007 and has worked as a professor since Fall 2010. In the last two years she has given almost 500 sexuality lectures on college campuses in the US & Canada.

Perfect speaker for events such as:

  • Orientation
  • Title IX Training
  • Residential Life Training
  • Leadership Training
  • LGBT Events
  • Pride Week/Coming Out Month
  • Women’s Group Events
  • Greek Lie Events
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Topics Include:

  • Sexual Communication
  • Consent & Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Hook-up Culture/Rape Culture
  • Safer Sex, Contraception and Abstinence
  • Sexual Decision Making
  • Dating and Healthy Relationships
  • Sexual Behaviors,
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Issues & Ally Training

You can expect:

  • Puppets & Props
  • Anonymous Q&A Sessions
  • Audiovisuals, Media & Images
  • Group Icebreakers
  • Interactive Activities & Games
  • Demonstrations
  • Content that appeals to multiple learning styles
  • Language inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities
  • Appropriate content for individuals with all levels of sexual experience
  • Free condoms, lubricants and other goodies

Hailing from the city of brotherly love, Dr. Justine Shuey has always had a passion for human sexuality. Having already completed her Bachelors degree with a minor in Women & Gender Studies, she was accepted to Widener University’s Masters in Human Sexuality Education program. From there she headed to San Francisco to complete a Doctorate in Human Sexuality at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Now Dr. Shuey is currently working towards a second doctorate degree in Human Sexuality from Widener University.

Dr. Shuey creates safe and welcoming environments for college students to explore issues related to human sexuality, expand their knowledge about sexuality, and gain confidence in their sexual expression.

Check out Dr. Shuey’s Speaking:

Find out more about Dr. Shuey here!

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